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Our planet needs protection and so do your innovations. We are here to help you protect, manage and harness your "green and clean" innovations strategically and cost-effectively. We endeavour to simplify the issues around IP and commercialisation for you so you can focus on innovating for our living world. Whether you are a startup, an SME, a large corporation, a university, or an individual with an interest in cleantech, we stand by your side.

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Patents, yes, but there is much more to explore

Every business has intellectual assets, be it in the form of their products, know-how, or branding. You may have not formally identified or protected them yet. Or you may have already got a number of patents and trademarks in your IP portfolio. But is that all when it comes to innovation and IP? 


Clearly not, there are various aspects of innovation and IP that are often overlooked. Such aspects could be even more important than filing a patent application. Of course, patents are important for any innovative business but they come at a cost and may not always be the best option. We can help you find ways to best protect your innovations, devise a plan to harness your IP strategically, and make your business "IP smart" for commercial sustainability. 

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Cooperation and collaboration

The science is clear and there is strong evidence, our planet is struggling to cope with our ever-increasing demands. We are probably the last generation which can help our planet recover and make it fit for the generations to come. No corporation or government can do this without collective action. So, it is the time for us to cooperate and not compete to save our planet. We, at Climefort, provide a platform for cleantech businesses and organisations to come together, share their knowledge, and innovate for the sake of our planet. Contrary to common notion, IP can enable such cooperation instead of acting as a barrier. We strongly believe that it is possible to be both a commercial and an environmental success story.


Being a social enterprise, we invest our profits in supporting early-stage cleantech companies and environmental charities.

To find out more about our services, please see 'what we do' section in the site menu above.

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