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Solar panels and windmills alternative sustainable energy sources - Green tech Climefort


We are the protectors of IP in clean technology

Climefort is an intellectual property consultancy with the heart of a social enterprise. Our aim is to help cleantech businesses realise the full potential of their intellectual wealth. We also provide a platform for such businesses to work together to find innovative solutions to tackle climate change. Rather than acting as external professionals, we become very much a part of your business sharing common goals and values. Our strength lies in our sense of purpose and social connectedness.

Our network of experts is not limited to one location. We have a global reach and we believe in tapping expertise from all corners of the world. We not only ensure that your business IP needs are met but we do so in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner.


As a business, we stand for the well-being of our planet, our clients, and our people. We invest in and support early-stage cleantech businesses as well environmental organisations in as many ways as we can.


If you think we could be the right partners for your business, please drop us an email or send a message through the 'contact us' section on our homepage.

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