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We are unconventional

Climefort is centred around the idea of well-being and togetherness, be it for our planet, our clients, or our people. Here we believe in providing you complete freedom to work in the way you like and in building trust through that. There is no obligation to work 9 to 5, no office desk, and no set holidays! We take a different approach at Climefort. Here, we are all equal, there is no boss. We all work together as partners according to our skillsets and commitments. If this appeals to you, we are a match!

How we work differently

  • Work from anywhere - fancy a seaside holiday-let in Barcelona or your corner cafe in New York, your choice.

  • No set working hours - morning bird, night owl, anything in-between the two? All are welcome!

  • Long weekend - We work 4 days a week, so you can enjoy long weekends with your family and friends!

  • Unlimited holidays - we understand that 20 days a year are not enough to explore the world!

  • Profit share - we are all partners, so we equally share the profits!

  • Creative freedom - fancy doing something other than your set role? Want to do things differently? Give it a go!

  • We are green - we aim to be carbon neutral (if not negative) and we help you offset your carbon emissions. We also actively support early-stage cleantech businesses and environmental organisations.

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