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Plan to succeed

We offer pragmatic advice for you to identify, protect, and capitalise your intellectual assets, using our two-stage process. We can help you streamline your intellectual property and make your business "IP smart". We will show you how you can build a robust and commercially viable IP portfolio cost-effectively.


First stage - Initial Assessment

At the first stage, we analyse your business, wider industry and review your existing intellectual property (both registered and unregistered). As no two businesses are alike, having a blanket IP strategy may not allow you to reach your full potential. Filing a patent for every invention may not be right for your business, and spending millions on IP registration is not necessarily a recipe for success. Therefore, we propose a plan of action specifically suited for your business.

Second stage - Strategy and Execution


At the second stage, we dive deeper into your business and technology and help you devise your IP strategy. We execute the proposed plan (from the first stage) using our smart tools and global pool of experts. With our unique approach to IP and innovation management, we will find you solutions that are best suited to your business. We will also ensure that you pay a fair price for the services and keep your IP budget under control.

Protect with confidence

Would you like to protect your intellectual property strategically and cost-effectively? We are here to help. With our distributed global network of IP professionals, we can provide greater choice, flexibility, and specialised expertise. There is no need to worry about hefty hourly rates and getting your head around the legal jargon. Our fixed pricing, effective communication, and timely delivery will ensure that your IP is well managed.

  • Patents

  • Trademarks

  • Trade Secrets

  • Design rights

  • Other IP rights

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